Stop wasting your money on Google ads. ...

Ink Dragon designs promotional products that brings you sales.

* One of our clients earns $180 for every t-shirt they give away.

* A non-profit client tripled their fundraising event profit by taking our advice.

* For every business card given, one business gets over $1,200 in new business.

You want sales from your advertising dollars, not just website clicks.

You want to generate new customers, repeat customers and referral customers,

you don’t need 2,000 pens with your logo. You need a promotional plan that works.

Here’s our process:

First, we look to understand who your best customer is, and who influences them.

Then we plan how to expand your customer base with new customers.

Next we look at designs to keep your services in front of your best customers.

Lastly, we make sure your customers influence their friends and associates with the right promotional products.

The goal is not about printing your logo on junk.

It’s about physical items people want to use and keep.

Products that cause prospects to become customers and clients.

And customers to make repeat purchases - and even influence others to become

new clients.

Physical products can do this when they have value because they are kept.

They keep selling - unlike fleeting, one time, online ads.

To find out more about Ink Dragon Designs, and how we can meet your sales

goals, contact Ink Dragon Designs.